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'Do I Know You?'  is a short exploration of platform mechanics as metaphor - as a conversation unfolds, you traverse a 2D platforming space to find responses and continue talking.

Features graphics emulating the style of EGA DOS games from the late 80s and early 90s.

Made for the GMTKJam in 2017 - fitting the theme of Dual Purpose Design by using platforming mechanics as a means to progress a dialogue.

Press space or click when near a character to initiate dialogue.

Still in development (best we could do in the time frame!) this version shows off the basic concept and mechanics that we intend to thoroughly expand upon in future builds.


Programming - Wade Filewich
Art - Maximilian Miller
Art and Music - Peter Anthony Smith
Writing - Allen Brasch
Ambient cafe sounds sourced from http://cafe.ambient-mixer.com/

Install instructions

Unzip zip file to a directory, run executable.


Do I Know You v0.1.zip 24 MB

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