Featherstone Ruins is a survival-horror game with gameplay similar to 'Slender', made in PICO-8!


Many years ago, a servant at the Featherstone Manor was unjustly tried as a murderer, and executed. His body was cut up, and hung around the surrounding farmland as a grim warning to others. 

Since that wrongful execution, no-one at the manor has known peace. Rumours spread that the Featherstone Farm was haunted. The site was abandoned, and soon fell into disrepair. None of the curious souls who have ventured there have returned.

With oil-lamp in hand, you set out to bring peace to the Featherstone Ruins. If you can collect all four body parts hanging throughout the ruins, and consecrate them, the ghost will haunt this place no longer.


Z - Collect body part/Consecrate body (when you have four body parts, do this at the shrine near where you start to win the game)
X - Hold to Strafe
Arrow Keys - Move Forwards, Backwards, and Turn Left/Right

Tips (spoilers):

  • The body parts spawn in several random locations each playthrough, but there is always one located in the forest (NW), storage sheds (SE), in the manor (N), and either the wooden barn (SW) or rocky grove (NE).
  • The shrine is always located near where you start, and marked with a big arrow.
  • The ghost speeds up as you collect more body parts, and will teleport to a location near you if you manage to escape him for long enough.


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Simple but good, i love the style and shadow/darkness effects. Completed in 7:01 ;)

Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate you taking the time to complete it! :)