A little balloon-popping game made in PICO-8!
If you're running this on desktop, press X or Z to enable a mouse cursor.
This works with touch-screen support on some mobile browsers, but on many platforms, audio issues and lag may be present. 

This is a present for my son's second birthday. He's pretty addicted to a balloon-popping game on his mum's mobile, so I wanted to make something that I knew he'd enjoy!

Happy birthday Hershel! You might not be old enough to read this yet, but I hope that one day you stumble upon this when you're older, and remember how loved you are.

Install instructions

Run from browser, or download and unpack the appropriate zip for your platform.


presentv1_linux.zip 701 kB
presentv1_osx.zip 3 MB
presentv1_raspi.zip 2 MB
presentv1_windows.zip 943 kB

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