Pico Karts is a pseudo-3D racing game, modelled after the style of Outrun or Hang-On! This started from an experiment to produce a pseudo-3D scrolling road, and was gradually built up from that concept to a complete game. While I'm sure there are plenty of things I could add or improve, I'm happy to ship this little project and move on to the next thing :)


Left/Right Arrow Keys: Steering
Down Arrow Key: Brake 
Z: Accelerate 
X: Boost (when boost meter is full)

The boost meter fills up as you drive, and is reset any time you hit an object or drive off the road.

If you'd prefer to switch the colour alignment between the road and the sides of the road, press X at the title screen (this may reduce eye strain for some people).


Easy: Gentle curves in the sunny morning. Other drivers maintain a consistent course, and the time limit is generous. 

Medium: Desert dunes at dusk. Some tight corners, and some other drivers will swerve across the road. A moderate challenge with some room for error. 

Hard: A metropolis at night. Frequent tight turns, erratically swerving drivers, and a brutal time limit with little room for error. A serious challenge.

I'd love to see your top times!


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Wow, you are getting so good at this! This is creative, fun, and honestly pretty challenging. I'll have to come back to get through the hard mode sometime.

Thanks so much Connor, I really appreciate that! I hope we're able to collaborate on something else soon :)
Yeah, I purposely made the Hard mode the Dark Souls of kart racing. I've only beat it twice, ever!

Make that 3 times! :D