A momentary sensor glitch was all it took for your spaceship to be thrown into an asteroid field! You've managed to land your battered and broken craft on a nearby alien planet, but before you can make the long journey home, you'll need to repair it using resources found underground!

Use your rock-drill to extract raw materials, upgrade your equipment, repair your ship, and escape this world!

Subteralien was made for the 2022 #LOWREZJAM, a game jam which challenges participants to create a game with a 64x64 pixel resolution.

Controls/How to Play:

Use the 'left', 'right', and 'down' keys to move, and the 'up' key to check your inventory. Hold 'Z' to drill into the currently highlighted block. Hold 'X' to use your jetpack.

Keep an eye on your available oxygen (the blue meter at the bottom of the screen) and your drill fuel (the orange meter). To refill both of these, press 'Z' while standing in front of the solar panels near your ship. Select upgrades by pressing 'Z' when in front of your ship.

Subteralien is compatible with standard controllers.

The layout of resources is randomly generated each time you play. There will always be enough resources present to buy all upgrades and repair your ship, but it is possible to waste resources by mining them when you have no storage space left for them. The resources you'll need to mine are metal ores (found throughout the underground), gemstones (found towards the middle of the underground), and nebulous energy (found in the lower levels of the underground).

This is definitely one of the most complex games I've made, and it was a crunch to get it done in two weeks! I hope you enjoy it, feel free to leave a comment letting me know what you thought of it :)


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